de nieuwe GTX lijn, passief bij RCF !

TT+ AUDIO introduces GTX Line Array System, a powerful and efficient sound reinforcement system designed for professional use.

▪️ Remarkable Sound Clarity

▪️Extended Headroom

▪️ Precise Coverage Control

▪️ High Power and Low Distortion

▪️ Built from scratch with Proprietary Components

▪️ Smart Design and Fast Deployment

The system supports various connectivity options, including Analog, AES/EBU, Dante Network, and seamlessly integrates with the RDNet ecosystem.

⚫ The GTX stands as a milestone in creating the ultimate audio solution for high-profile tours, festivals, and installations. Evolved from TT+AUDIO’s continued efforts to deliver more powerful, user-friendly, lightweight, and flexible sound reinforcement systems for live and fixed-venue system operators alike, the system is designed for high-speed deployment, with effective transport, handling, and cabling.

Discover GTX:

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